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So the other week I was walking through whole foods supplement isle and was in awe of the massive selection. Once I took a closer look at some labels I was even more amazed at how many claims these labels were making. "This ginger will bulletproof your immune system." "Vitamin D3 is the answer to your joint pain." "OUR BIOTIN WILL CURE YOUR BALDNESS!" Now I consider myself somewhat of a nutritional buff, and I still felt lost in this sea of pills powders and extracts. Which one does my body actually NEED?

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Back at the gym, as usual, Trisha is one step ahead of me. Which is why we are unveiling our new Healthprint. Just over 20 questions about your diet, your lifestyle and your nutritional needs to take the guesswork out of supplementing. This assessment was written by team of award winning doctors and scientists and supported by Mayo Clinic, the World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School. It looks at what you eat, How you sleep, how sharp you memory is and much more to determine which nutrients you are most likely deficient in. We now take all of our new members through this as soon as they sign up, so if you've been a member here for a while think about breaking your plateaus with a new view on your health!  

Sign up to take the Healthprint on the announcements board or talk to a coach for more info! 

-Coach Joe


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